In our Tax area we advise domestic and international companies, business groups, individuals, private clients and family business on the different tax levels that may have an impact on their daily, occasional or extraordinary activity requiring a rigorous professional evaluation.

The internationalization of companies, business families and assets also play a significant role in our professional work, providing an efficient and multidisciplinary international advisory practice to our clients with interests beyond frontiers.

Furthermore, due to the complexity of tax regulations, any business decision may generate a diversity of tax interpretative criteria resulting in a conflict between the interests of our clients and Tax Authorities. Our contentious advice provides our clients with a legal framework to defend their interests from the beginning of the administrative actions to the highest levels of our jurisdictional system.

Our tax practice includes:

Corporate taxation +-

Domestic and international

We are aware of the complex business decision making when taxes are involved in, so with our recognized and experienced professional team we advise on the international, domestic, regional and local taxation day to day of the companies.

Taxation and restructuring +-

We have an extensive experience in advising and supporting our clients in their significant assets or business reorganizations (mergers, splits, transfer of assets or activity branch), acquisitions or disinvestment planning.

Taxation and residence +-

The globalization of talent also allows us to advise on the implementation of the most appropriate solutions in processes of impatriation (“Beckham law”) or expatriation of employees and managers.

Taxation and accounting +-

Tax decisions shall be complemented with a wide and deep knowledge on the fundaments and accounting practices. With a technical accounting team, we advise on any economic-financial accounting questions that may arise in the individual or consolidated accounts of the group of companies.

Personal taxation +-

Personal taxation is particularly important in an international and global environment of persons, families and assets. We advise individuals regarding their tax obligations and the right taxation compliance such as personal income tax, property taxes, transfer of properties or tax on inheritances and donations, among others.

Private client +-

Our internationally recognized team advise individuals and business families holding complex wealth in all those issues that may affect the creation, maintenance, development and transfer of such assets.  With a global advice vision, we provide specialized comprehensive and high-value advice in wealth planning, shareholders agreements, marriage or prenuptial agreements, inheritance or structured donation planning, relocation or tax residence conflicts.


Indirect Tax +-

Indirect taxes as well as local taxes, municipal taxes, property taxes, etc., or special taxes play a significant role when evaluating the viability of making important personal or business decisions.

Tax litigation +-

We have wide experience on the advice on all tax procedures, whether partial or general, before the Tax Agency, different regional or local administrations, Courts and Tribunals.