Labour and Employment Law

Our labour lawyers count with extensive experience in integral legal advice on labour and HR matters to national and multinational companies, as well as individuals.

Terms of employment, pay structure and compensation, geographic and functional mobility, extra working hours, vacation periods, etc. are also familiar matters to our lawyers, who are ready to provide our clients with a complete and accurate advice. Our practice area also has a considerable expertise in employment litigation matters  (including individual, collective, first instance and appeal proceedings before the labour courts). Labour and social security inspections, sanction proceedings and social security contribution matters also fall within our area of expertise.

Our labour practice includes:

Employment contracts +-

We provide comprehensive advice on the execution of employment contracts: types of contract and contractual clauses best suited to the needs, operations and structure of each enterprise (including specific agreements relating to remunerative systems, incentives, exclusivity, non-competition and permanence clauses, etc.), considering all relevant aspects, such as working conditions, geographic and function mobility, substantial modifications -working day, holidays, etc. -, offences and penalties.

Furthermore, we also provide assistance regarding the termination of employment contracts: proper formalization of contractual terminations by the company and defending the company in any proceedings brought before the labour courts.

Senior management +-

The assuming of important obligations and responsibilities of different types by management and members of the board of directors of capitalist companies requires specific advice that enables them to understand the legal-labour consequences arising from their incorporation into this special labour relationship.

Along these lines, we have extensive experience in the contracting and termination of the relationship of senior management and executive directors of companies, providing advice regarding contractual and remunerative issues, Social Security and additional social welfare and, more specifically, in the termination of these relationships.

Incentive plans for management & employees +-

Our firm specializes in offering the design, analysis and implementation of payment plans, including variable remuneration systems, flexible remuneration and payment plans as well as payment and benefit policies, preparing manuals and performance policies. Likewise, we offer the possibility of implementing incentive systems based on the capital stock (share options, purchase and sale of shares, phantom plans, SARs, RSU, etc.).

Collective labour relations +-

We are usually involved in the negotiating of collective bargaining agreements and other collective agreements in order to ensure the agreements reached are positive for the future labour relations of the company and for an increase in its competitiveness. We advise our clients on their relations with trade unions, labour unions and workers’ representatives existing in the company, including advice on strikes and collective disputes.

Corporate restructuring processes +-

We provide our clients with a strategic approach and experience in the negotiating, planning and implementation of any workforce resizing programme, including restructuring and reorganisation, downsizing, re-engineering, partial or total closure that may involve collective dismissals, workforce adjustment plans and early retirements, income and outplacement systems in collective dismissals.

Transfers of companies, work centres or independent production units +-

Our professionals assist and provide advice to our clients in the labour-related implications arising from all types of commercial transactions, analysing the different problems caused by the subrogation of companies, standardising workforce working conditions and changes in applicable collective bargaining agreements, etc.

Social Security and Occupational Risk Prevention +-

Our professionals offer advice regarding all aspects related to Social Security, such as contributions and special agreements, collection and executive procedures, temporary and permanent disability, retirement, etc.

We assist our clients with the Labour Inspection and throughout any business liability proceedings that may arise in connection with an accident at work, including the processing of administrative pleas and judicial reviews in the event of any settlement and/or offence proceedings instituted by the Labour Inspection.

Due Diligence +-

We are used to carry out the review of procedures in relation to compliance with the obligations provided for in labour and employment, social security and occupational risk prevention legislation (labour audits), derived from any corporate transaction.

Labour litigation +-

Our labour lawyers represent clients in all types of labour proceedings, including administrative and/or court proceedings at any instance, in disputes concerning dismissals, disciplinary sanctions, claims for discrimination and harassment, collective disputes, administrative sanctions and employer liability claims.