Litigation and Trial Practice

Our litigation lawyers provide advice on dispute resolution to a wide range of clients worldwide.


Litigation in Spain is one of our core services. Our litigation team regularly assists large corporates, private companies, partnerships and private individuals with legal issues or matters such as:

Commercial litigation
Contract claims
Professional negligence
Agency disputes
Banking and financial services disputes
Contentious insolvency
Partnership disputes
Product liability
Group litigation
Foreign debt recovery
Intellectual Property litigation

When negotiating a contract, we advise our clients, in the most appropriate manner, introducing tailored litigation clauses and on the pros and cons of using ADR (arbitration, mediation) or traditional litigation. For the cases that do not go to trial, our extensive trial experience and shrewd negotiating skills result in the best settlements.

We partner with our clients to manage risk and to avoid litigation wherever is possible; when is unavoidable, our team focuses on the commercial objectives of clients, while assessing legal, commercial and reputational risk. We analyse the negotiating weaknesses of opponents and devises optimum procedural tactics or creative settlement approaches for reaching the required success.

Working with our litigators, you benefit from a unique advantage, acceding specialists that Alliuris network provides in all kind of litigation all over the world. Thanks to joining the Alliuris network , we are one of the few firms capable of providing clients with immediate, high-quality legal expertise anywhere in the world, whether our client´s needs are local or multijurisdictional.