French Desk +-

Our French Desk is made up by lawyers who are experts in various practice areas, bilingual or with a strong command of French and with a good knowledge of the business environment and culture of both Spanish and French speaking markets.

The French Desk advises companies from French speaking countries on their implementation process in Spain, as well as in all legal matters related to their investment or business activities in Spain, providing comprehensive and practical answers to queries the clients may have regarding Spanish legal system.


The French Desk can also assist Spanish companies in their process of getting established in French speaking markets, either through the incorporation of a foreign company or branch or other legal entity or through strategic alliances or corporate transactions (by acquiring a local company or establishing a distribution network or a joint venture with local partners).

The French Desk lawyers are supported when needed by other law firms members of our network ALLIURIS GROUP based in French speaking jurisdictions, allowing us to meet the specific needs of each client professionally and effectively.

Latin American Practice +-

Our Latin American practice advises Latin American companies to invest and set up in Spain international headquarters. Spain is the natural destination for many expanding Latin American companies and for those looking to expand internationally over the coming years. Spain offers an ideal launch pad for markets in the European Union, Africa and the Middle East. Our firm assists Latin American companies that choose Spain as a springboard for their operations in other European countries.

We do also provide legal advise on all types of cross border transactions, M&A, on financing businesses and projects, and on international arbitration.

Thanks to our membership in ALLIURIS, a recognized global law firm alliance, our lawyers can provide a deep understanding of the key issues, risks, and business drivers affecting deals in jurisdictions throughout Latin America to seamlessly address clients’ business needs.

China Desk +-

Our China Desk offers a comprehensive service including legal, tax and accounting assistance to Chinese investors who decide to enter the Spanish market. Our team shares specialized understanding of the characteristics of China’s business methods and markets, as well as knowledge of the Chinese culture and language.

The services provided by our China Desk are rendered by our lawyer’s team and include:

  • Company’s formation.
  • Advice on acquisition and investment in Spanish companies.
  • Advice on buying and selling of companies.
  • Golden Visa.
  • Real estate
  • Tax planning and compliance